The Stand Up.


Recently I was asked out on a date in which I accepted. My immediate reaction when asked was to say, “No.” Instead, I texted my girlfriend, A, and asked what she could remember about him. Frankly, the only time I had ever met him was when I was plastered. So, my immediate reaction wasn’t out of instant repulsion, rather, it was because I was incredibly embarrassed and couldn’t remember him that well. What I found out from my girls was that he was incredibly funny and at one point held my hand while I threw up. I was a bit sceptical as my girls were both under the influence as well, granted less so, but still influenced. I just wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to base my decision on what maybe, could have, occurred on that night. Having thought about it though, I decided to give it a shot. We made plans to have breakfast at 9 in the morning. He was supposed to come and pick me up with the condition that he also text me as he was leaving his place.

By 8:30, I was pretty much ready. I was nervous, excited, and giddy. From his place, I figured that he should have texted me by 8:30 letting me know he left. No text. No matter, I chalked it up to forgetting. Maybe he was in a rush and just completely forgot and it would have been too late to text as he was already driving by now. 8:50 came around and A checked up on me. I told her the situation and we both agreed that he was on his way. 9:00 rolled around and I didn’t see any one pull up. Didn’t receive a text. I waited till 9:05 before I texted, “We’re still on for today, yeah?”. I waited. No response. I waited and then texted again, “What’s going on? You stuck in traffic?” In retrospect, I suppose I could have called but I figured He was the one that asked me out, He was the one that made the plans, He was the one that wanted to pick me up at 9. Around 9:15, I knew he wasn’t going to come so A called to tell me she was going to take me out to breakfast (God, I love my girls!). She ended up picking me up at around 9:40. Right when I got into the seat, his text comes in. “I’m really sorry! I just woke up! I don’t know what happened to my alarm. We still on?”

You only had one job, brah. You don’t leave a girl hanging for 40 minutes and not call to apologize. So, no, I don’t think so. -_-

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