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Playing hard to get.

I recently went out on a date with a gentleman I’ll call, baldie. For three weeks, Baldie and I were texting back and forth, flirting like crazy, and essentially getting to know each other. Baldie had asked me out in the first week and for three weeks, both he and I were trying to find time where we could could go out. Unfortunately for me, my weekdays were packed and weekends already planned. I don’t usually play hard to get. If I like you, I make it clear that I’m interested. And I did get the sense that it was mutual. So fast forward to the date.

Circumstances prevented him from meeting at the set time. I told him I understood the situation and asked if he wanted to raincheck. He called and profusely apologized and told me that he really wanted to see me. He’s been looking forward to it and he was sure that I would never give him a second chance if we didn’t meet today. (He was right, though.) He told me that he would be available two hours from the set time. I figured, since I didn’t have anything planned for the day anyway, that setting a later time wasn’t a problem. He did end up showing up with flowers. He brought them as an apology. I was thrilled. I don’t usually like flowers, but in this context, they were beautiful!

The date went well. We went to lunch and talked about his life, my life, his future, my future, his family, my family. I really liked him. Truly. I felt like we totally hit it off. After lunch, we walked around the neighbourhood and told each other funny stories. He then took me home and I told him I was super excited to see him again.

That was my mistake.

After the date, he did not text me. No call, no acknowledgement that we even went on the date. In fact, he followed the 3 day rule to a tee! Asshole. I even sent him a text letting him know that I had fun and nothing. I was super annoyed. After 3 days of nothing, his text comes in: “How are you doing?” I didn’t see the reply until 3 hours later at which point I replied, “I’m doing good. How about yourself?” And que silence. Nothing. Nada.

This morning, after a week since our date, he texts, “Hey, what you up to this weekend?”

I’m not even going to bother. I’m annoyed. Why play hard to get? Just because you already know the girl you’re interested in is interested? Does it mean you need to lay off the work? Ugh. My guy friend says he’s playing hard to get for sure. At this point, I don’t even want to get. Please. You can play those games with other girls. Next.

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